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Bronze 2 Gang Vintage Industrial Light Switch (Round - Special Order)


Handmade, made-to-order Round Solid Bronze 2 Gang units.

100mm wide and 50mm deep. Fitted with either a 10-amp toggle switch or a 1-way, 2-way or intermediate switch. 

There are also 20m conduit entries at each end. 

Just send us a note with your order to let us know if you have any requirements. Alternately, (and if you have any queries about cable entry etc), please contact Hever Iron Works on: 01692 581 548 or email [email protected] 

Delivery is approximately two weeks, however please allow a longer time frame as this product is a special order. 


International buyers wishing to purchase more than one item should contact Hever Iron Works via the number provided before purchasing so that shipping with DHL can be arranged.

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