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Heavy 1 Gang Vintage Industrial Retrofit Copper Light Switch


NEW handmade, made-to-order Solid Copper Heavy Retrofit, designed to either fit over an existing wall boxes (using the two placed holes in the back) or can be fitted directly to wall.

Wires can come through a hole in the back or through one of the 20mm holes in top and bottom of this product. 

The 20mm holes have brass blanking plugs included, however these can be removed or replaced with just a standard 20mm conduit entry for other electrical components if you wish. 

Just send us a note with your order to let us know if you have any requirements. Alternatively (and if you have any queries about cable entry etc), please contact Hever Iron Works on: 01692 581 548 or email [email protected] 

90mm x 90mm and the switches stick out about 50mm from the wall. 

Delivery is approximately two weeks. 


International buyers wishing to purchase more than one item should contact Hever Iron Works via the number provided before purchasing so that shipping with DHL can be arranged.

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