Vintage industrial style light switches and power sockets

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We specialise in producing brand new vintage and industrial light switches and power sockets - cast from Aluminium, Bronze and Copper. We're also able to produce them in a range of different styles:

  • Traditional - Crabtree inspired design (with Cupped Hollows around the Toggles)
  • Retrofits - Crabtree, Heavy and Industrial Style
  • Round - Surface Mounts and Switches
  • Conduit Switches
  • Faceplates - Single or Double Surface/Wall Box Mounts
  • Vintage Industrial Style Pattress Boxes
  • Heavy Vintage Industrial Style Light Switches & Power Sockets

All products are handmade in our foundry with extra special care to ensure the best possible quality. They all comply with British Standard & EU regulations – BS EN: British Standard European Norm - 60669-1, and can also be tailor-made to suit any international requirements, conforming to worldwide safety standards.

See for yourself! We will continue to update our gallery as we update our already growing range
(click on each image for a full-size view).